Friday, 26 March 2010

Pump it up!

Hey hey, sorry for the well overdueness of this post, i havent really got a good excuse either, but i have got a good few things to tell you, however im writing another mega blog post including the main bulk of this so called stuff, so i thought id just drop a quickie post!

So many weeks ago i mentioned about getting fit/loosing weight etc etc etc. It has taken me up until last week to actually start doing so! ( for many reasons!) I had a little holiday to brighton (more to come on that) and well basically ate far to much. Not only this but i just dont feel good about my body at the mo, i feel unhealthy. So not only in a bid to 'tone up' im doing it just to make myself feel better physically.

Que Pump it up!
May look ultimately cheesy, but its the best workout dvd i have come across. Ive had the burn it loose it one for ages now and it aided a previous weight loss obsession of mine and was verrrrrrrry good! The other one, ultimate workout is the first in the pump it ministry of sound's dvd series and i have seen it before, alot cheesier then the latter with the legwarmers and seemingly gay/straight male in the background, but also quite good! Ive just purchased it as im getting a bit bored of doing the same workout all the time. Both feature eric prydz 'call on me' hoe deanne Berry. Now she may look and sound like a bit of a tart, but i seemed to of warmed to the gal, see what you think anyway. I find it always helps to like the person whos presenting the workout.

I have also started to go running (only twice so far), bought myself some proper running shoes and a cd get me going. I think the recent bursts of sunshine have really helped get me butt in gear and actually run! The cd i bought is called Running trax, another edition to the ministry of sound family. I find cheesy dance music gets me going in terms of excercise, somehow you can find a rythm with the beat whatever you are doing. bizarre.

Anyway that was my wee review for today, i will be back very soon with a bigger and better post, promise! Also finished TWO knitting projects today, Hurrah!

Hope you are all well!

Tres love

Fringey xxx