Saturday, 29 January 2011

A change of heart...

Hello there! Been a while hasnt it? Well i have quite a lot to tell you...

So i havent really been doing much AT ALL makey wise (i feel shamed) and it was the origanal direction of this blog. Infact i wasnt even really sure what direction i wnated it to go in, i figured id find out as i went.

On that note i have had a total change of heart. For the last few weeks or so i have been thinking non stop about going to university. Now it may come as a surprise (as most blogs i read are by uni goers) i have no degree and never really thought about going to uni. After school i went the generic route of doing A levels. I loved college but so regret not attending more of my classes and getting grades i know im capable of. I did Textiles, Media, Film studies and Photography, got all Cs apart from film studies (?!?) which i got an A in (not actually a full a level).

Now Midwifery is what i have decided i REALLY want to do. Its a bit out of the blue i know, as i havent really mentioned a true interest in it before. Its something ive always admired and thought hmmm that'd be a lovely job. One of those professions that belong on the daydream list i suppose. Well i want to make that dream come true. I don't want to be stuck in admin the rest of my life, working in offices and clicking keys all day long. I want to be running around helping women get through their pregnancy and be a key part in one of the most special days of their life. I want a career an be able to say i did something worth while with my short time on this life.

Now that being said, its not easy getting there, ho no they dont like to make it easy. Obviosuly Universitys no matter what subject you are looking to study dont wnat to just take on any old person. They want to know you are proper serious about what you want to study and that you are actually are going to go on to use that degree in some fashion. Ok so choose any other subject apart from Midwifery and think how hard it may be accepted and your preferred Uni and then times in by 10. You may be cloe to whats its like to let alone try get an interview. In my wisdom i have chosen one of the most popular and competitive degrees to get onto. Fab. But im not letting that stop me...

My preffered Uni is asking BBB a level grades as from next year. Bugger. Its apparently in the top 2 midwifery degrees in the uk. Double Bugger. So since the last week or so i have been researching to death what i would need to do to at least stand a chance of interview. My brain is suffiently frazzled with Access Courses, Distance learning, and the OU. There is so many to choose from. Alongside that giving up my job and going into health care has also been flying about. Oh hind sight where were you when i needed you most. Why couldnt of i thought of this 3 or 4 years ago!!!

So thats the jist of it. Currently im about to have a week of work to stay with a friend, but im also goign to use this time to pop along to the uni and hope somebody can shed some light on what the eff i really should be doing. Ive basically got a year or 2 to sort and prepare myself out. I have already wresteled with the notion of pushing 30 by the time this is all over with, but concluded it really doesnt matter how old i am and worrying about time, there are women out there in their 40s doing it!

Ok so i think ive suffiently ear bashed whoever is reading this enough. Anybody who may have some small piece of info and advice they think may help me (I'll take anything and everything!) please let me know! I shall be eternally greatful!

Peace and love,