Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Shelf life?

I was taking some snaps around the house ( as you do!) and reaslised i really quite like this small area. Containing some stitched photos i made and my favourite photo of my Mum, Grandad and me quite a few christmas's ago. My Grandad passed away new years eve 2008 and i miss him everyday, but whenever i pass this little picture it makes me smile.

So its well and truly Winter. I always say how i love winter, wrapping up warm and all the big jumpers, and of course Crimbo time, yet im really hating how cold it is at the mo. I think i have a love/hate relationship with the snow, as long as it doesnt turn icy (falling over is not a good look!) i could make snowmen all day. But today was rather rubbish as i finally plucked up the courage to drive amongst the winterness, my car made the saddest little sound. Would not start. Fantastic!

I'm really getting inot the whole blogging thing. Im mainly just browsing and reading others, but really want to make a more regular thing of posting. Pesky job.

Also got a Blackberry after months of torture with my uber rubbish touch phone. I think im addicted, Hoping it will calm down in a week or so when ive lost the 'new toy syndrome'.
Also didnt get the job i banged on about a post or so ago. Such is life.
Fringey xxx

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Sunday, 7 November 2010


Remember remember the 5th of november...personally i prefer making fun light trails with my camera!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Doodle Oodle

Some of my recent scribblings, to be used in some free machining projects!

I have been tres busy this week writing my CV for an exciting new job im applying for, ill let you know what happens...but fingers crossed...and toes, eeep.

So im thinking of doing an outfit post soon...i love autumn and winter styling. Im in love with camel and khaki, and desperately need the perfect pair of chinos!(Ie cheap and lush!) Anybody know of any??

I also got a new camera so have been playing and snapping around. I wish i had a dog some days so i could take more pictures of the big wide world. I dont suppose Daisy would enjoy being taken out on a lead much...

Fringey xxx

P.S i have some new followers, hello! :)

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

i wish wish wish

Just to share some of the things im lusting over on Etsy at the moment...

Oh and some from zara (online hurrrrah!)

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Daisy Baby

This is Daisy, my beautiful little house rabbit. Please feel free to gawp at her lovliness.

Fringey xxx

Monday, 5 July 2010

Flower headband/ Recent buys


Again i need to SERIOUSLY apoligise for the non existent posts of
this blog, i am truly ashamed. Ive literally just had a mass overload of post ideas so im actually getting my butt into doing one! ( I find it hard to motivate yourself when you have hardly any followers but hey ho i guess all blogs start somewhere)

So to start with im going to just show you something i have been getting crafty with recently. Inspired by the lovely lovely Sophie of
Dusky Ledoux in her diy flower clip tutorial i seriously got the bug to make lots of lovely bits from faux flowers. I wanted to make something lush for an upcoming festival (more on that laterzzzz!) to wear in my tousled festival mess of a hair. Lets face it festival hair isnt the nicest of dos so a gal needs something to sproos her locks up with!

Enter the Flower headband! I havent actually got a picture of me wearing it yet, only shabby festival ones where you cant appreciate its full glory as i am to busy having a damn good time, but i did take some pictures just after making them. The floppy eared lovely in the pictures is my new bunny i aquired recently, i lover her to bitsssssssssss. Ill perhaps share some pictures of her in a later post so you can ooggle at her gorgeousness

(Please ignore massive pile of ironing!)

(See if you can spy the new rabbit ring i recenlty bought from etsy shop Untamed Menagerie. Im soo in love with it that i darent wear it for fear of it breaking!)

I urge you to read duskys superb tutorial and get your hands on some lovely fake fleurs and start making!

The second part of this post is just to show you some of the bargains i picked up today. After the festival weekend i sensibaly have taken a few days off to recouperate, just as my Mr has, so we took a little trip to the coast just to pass the day really, (totes not recovering i know) plus i wanted to stop by matalan as i hadnt been in a while. I always find with that place there are times where i want to buy everything then other times there is bugger all i want. Today was the latter. Anyway im pleased to say i nabbed a few bargains elsewhere to compensate!

Hawaiian crop £8 and pants£2 both sale at Topshop.

Paris tee £6.40 and socks £1 at New Look, they had 20% off some cute tees. I got the socks to wear with some brogues/future pair of clogs i must purchase when i get paid!

Cropped joggers £7.50 mens section at Matalan, i lied i did actually find something!

The sunglasses arent actually part of todays buys but they were sitting nearby and they were a bargain in their own right so i couldnt resist showing you. Got them from asos last week when it was free next day delivery and i still needed some new sunnies before the festival, so this offer made me extremely happy considering this meant they turned up the day before! I may need to wear some form of body/strappy with the hawaiin top as it does show off rather alot of bra/sideboob. The cropped joggers are purely for lounging around the house/garden in. Im a huge fan of comfort when in my house, i have a habit of getting into my PJs when i come home from work. Plus they reminded me a bit of superdry ones which ive had my eye on for a while but realllly cant justify spending 45 quid on just to lounge around in!

One last note...
Im totally obsessed with this stuff at the moment. I got it on disocount from boots not long ago and literally want to eat myself after showering it smells THAT good.

Tarrah for now xxxx

Monday, 12 April 2010

im almost done with my mega blogoo of what the hell i have been doing, but i just want to vent some frustration of mine. Not a major to do, but i feel like i need some opinions/guidance.
Ok so i want to open up a little shop on etsy/online and also start doing some craft fairs. My trouble is i dont really have a specific theme throughout the things i make, which i think is key to having your own little business, oui? I love everything from houswares, to accessories to hand knitted baby clothes! I just want my things to gel, y'know? I was thinking of having 2 shops on etsy, one for baby things, as its my favourite thing to knit, and one for the rest, what all your opinions?? Help me pllleaseee!I really need to decide what the best direction is for moi....

On another note, to make this post not so boring, i have an obsession with owls at the mo. I Went to sandringham craft fair yesterday, always go with my nanny, and they have a little flying show with birds of prey, which i dont paticularly like so much, except the fact they have owls!. Beautiful lovely birds i think! Anyway im seriously considering buying this lovely laptop decoration thing !

Chow for now
Fringey xxxxx

Friday, 26 March 2010

Pump it up!

Hey hey, sorry for the well overdueness of this post, i havent really got a good excuse either, but i have got a good few things to tell you, however im writing another mega blog post including the main bulk of this so called stuff, so i thought id just drop a quickie post!

So many weeks ago i mentioned about getting fit/loosing weight etc etc etc. It has taken me up until last week to actually start doing so! ( for many reasons!) I had a little holiday to brighton (more to come on that) and well basically ate far to much. Not only this but i just dont feel good about my body at the mo, i feel unhealthy. So not only in a bid to 'tone up' im doing it just to make myself feel better physically.

Que Pump it up!
May look ultimately cheesy, but its the best workout dvd i have come across. Ive had the burn it loose it one for ages now and it aided a previous weight loss obsession of mine and was verrrrrrrry good! The other one, ultimate workout is the first in the pump it ministry of sound's dvd series and i have seen it before, alot cheesier then the latter with the legwarmers and seemingly gay/straight male in the background, but also quite good! Ive just purchased it as im getting a bit bored of doing the same workout all the time. Both feature eric prydz 'call on me' hoe deanne Berry. Now she may look and sound like a bit of a tart, but i seemed to of warmed to the gal, see what you think anyway. I find it always helps to like the person whos presenting the workout.

I have also started to go running (only twice so far), bought myself some proper running shoes and a cd get me going. I think the recent bursts of sunshine have really helped get me butt in gear and actually run! The cd i bought is called Running trax, another edition to the ministry of sound family. I find cheesy dance music gets me going in terms of excercise, somehow you can find a rythm with the beat whatever you are doing. bizarre.

Anyway that was my wee review for today, i will be back very soon with a bigger and better post, promise! Also finished TWO knitting projects today, Hurrah!

Hope you are all well!

Tres love

Fringey xxx

Thursday, 11 February 2010


I cant seem to stop thinking about having a dog the past few days, unfortunately i live in a house where i cant have one, major bummer :( If im ever lucky enough to have one, thisssssss is so what id have

Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie!

Im not usually a cat lover but they seem to be growing on me (not literally), i saw the cutest white kittens in a pet shop not long ago and was majorly pining, my fella however is not so keen, hed rather have a pet tarantula,eurgggh.

Onto something a bit more fashion orientated, just seen this cute little number, debating whether to purchase when i get paid, as i am so horribly skint right now, unfortunately i cant find a picture to steal so youll have to follow the link! I can pictue it looking pretty fab with a slick of red lippy, some ankle socks and my newww vivienne westwood shoes! EeeeEk what your reckon?!

If your a great fan of underwear like me you have to check out Dita Von Tease's range, i happen to stumble on it whilst in House of Fraser and was absolutely gutted when i found out they dont go upto my size :( These are my two Favs anyway...

Only a small post today as i feel i may of bombared this blog with my previous one, but please tell me all about your animal lovess and hatess and what your obsessing over now fashion wise!




P.s i saw some rats today on my driving lesson, my instant reaction was ' awwwwww', should i be worried?!

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


I constantly find myself thinking about loosing weight recently, I have this image in my head of what I’d love to look like, ( NOT some skinny Minnie!)I love having curves but I feel I need some toning. I remember when I last lost some weight and I felt so good about myself, it makes you feel really confident. Anyway, because of my job I don’t really get a lot of exercise, working in an office is a bit restricting unless you want to start up a game of chair races. I used to do an exercise DVD regularly, id actually go as far as to say I was addicted to doing it, almost every day. Somehow I managed to get myself so determined with the weight loss I would not stray for even a piece of chocolate! But now it seems ill start, go a few days, and then I’ve somehow accidently made some lush choc chip cookies. So ive decided perhaps I need to concentrate on the exercise side of things, as I just love food so darned much! I will keep you posted with ho the diet goes in the meantime! How do you exercise or keep fit???

So ive also been thinking about the dreaded day (for some) fast approaching, The big V day! Although the idea at first may seem lovely and romantic, it’s actually far from it. We are led to believe that showering our loved ones with chocolates and flowers, shit cards and such means we care all the more, when in fact we are being dictated to do things which really should come straight from the heart, which is the least romantic thing in itself. My driving instructor gave me the perfect example when we were chatting the other day, he said he would much rather surprise his partner with a bunch of flowers at work on a random day then on a day hes told too, and i think hes absolutely right, surely thats far more romantic?! Yet so many people buy into valentines day, its mad. Me and my man recently booked a little holiday for my birthday to Brighton, and there were all these extra packages you could add onto your hotel room for V day, to make your stay ‘extra special’. You wanna see the prices it was a joke, candles, some rose petals on your bed and some chocs on the pillow, all for a bargain of...dundundunnnnnn.. £150 frikkin quid!(oh i forgot about the romantic dvd also!) WHAT THE HELL. Who is stupid enough to pay that! Go to your local offy and get it for a tenth of the price! Anyway rant over, whats your views on the day of hearts?!

So besides valentines and getting fit i haven’t actually told you anything creative that ive been doing, which i promised i would! I seem to always start a million projects at once, im a bit scatty like that, rather unorganised unfortunately! At the moment im trying to finish a pair of pyjamas i was making my gorgeous godson, i wont show you the completed things until ive actually given them too him of course, but heres a sneak preview....

Ive also had quite a few ideas ive been scribbling to do with tiered necklaces, including feathers and lace and fringe, oh my! Again its a work in progress, all will be revealed soon my sweets!

I'm also hoping to publish a little recipe of mine for the best chocolate chip cookies in the world, but i feel some tutorial pics wouldn’t go a miss, so until the next time i bake them youll just have to sit tight!

The Knitty Gritty

On one last note i feel its my duty to tell you I LOVE TO KNIT. I may not be the most talented clicker in the world but it is my true belief everyone should give it a try. I find it very theoroputic, plus its a good way of doing something productive whilst catching up on your favourite programme ! My boyfriend told me Harry Hill was holding a new competition for a knitted character from his show TV Burp, so im now on the task of deciding what little character i am going to impose upon the world! I have a booklet full of things so that were i shall start! I will keep you posted on my important knitting decision! Heres something to keep you going for the time being anyway...

So whilst wandering around my house photographing random things, i came across a few things that id love to just rave about, i dont know about you but i find it so frustrating when buying some form of beauty product and finding it really isnt what you expected. How annoying! I like to try different things to know im getting the best of whats out there, then stick with what i know is best, i thought it might be nice if i shared with you whats bloody good and whats not!

This is the wonder of The S factor, for those of you who havent tried this little number need to now! I dont know whether its because i have such thick hair or what but this stuff is a godsend. Its called a smoothing lusterizer, and you can apply it to wet or dry hair and style as you wish, it softens my hair wonders, and when i dont use it i really notice the difference. It makes my hair super shiny and lux looking and it feels gorgeous, even the the goo itself feels divine! Annnnnnd it also makes your hair sparkle beleive it or not, when you look at the serum itself it glistens and tranforms to the hair!, Amazzzing! Its just basically an all round great hair product. My hair tends to be a bit dry and frizzy sometimes and its a great tamer! I think you can only buy it in salons and specialist hair product shops, if your a norwicher like me theres a place called Garner just past tesco in the city centre, and they sell it at around £12, Now that may sound expensive, i tend to buy mine online as its far cheaper, and ive been able to nab a 2 fo 1 deal before, shop around! It also lasts an age, as your only need a pea size of serum each time you use it! Anybody have any fav products?!
After a long nothingness of blog, i have now it seems managed to write a whole essay for your reading pleasure!