Thursday, 11 February 2010


I cant seem to stop thinking about having a dog the past few days, unfortunately i live in a house where i cant have one, major bummer :( If im ever lucky enough to have one, thisssssss is so what id have

Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie!

Im not usually a cat lover but they seem to be growing on me (not literally), i saw the cutest white kittens in a pet shop not long ago and was majorly pining, my fella however is not so keen, hed rather have a pet tarantula,eurgggh.

Onto something a bit more fashion orientated, just seen this cute little number, debating whether to purchase when i get paid, as i am so horribly skint right now, unfortunately i cant find a picture to steal so youll have to follow the link! I can pictue it looking pretty fab with a slick of red lippy, some ankle socks and my newww vivienne westwood shoes! EeeeEk what your reckon?!

If your a great fan of underwear like me you have to check out Dita Von Tease's range, i happen to stumble on it whilst in House of Fraser and was absolutely gutted when i found out they dont go upto my size :( These are my two Favs anyway...

Only a small post today as i feel i may of bombared this blog with my previous one, but please tell me all about your animal lovess and hatess and what your obsessing over now fashion wise!




P.s i saw some rats today on my driving lesson, my instant reaction was ' awwwwww', should i be worried?!

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  1. I love rats - so i totally understand the reaction! You should totally get a pet of some kind.. They're so good for companionship (not so sure about spiders..).

    ALSOOO... I love that tea dress. Exactly the kind of thing you look exquisite in! And the underwear is also a bit amazing too!

    I demand you start writing your blog again! I for one miss Fringey!!!