Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Daisy Baby

This is Daisy, my beautiful little house rabbit. Please feel free to gawp at her lovliness.

Fringey xxx

Monday, 5 July 2010

Flower headband/ Recent buys


Again i need to SERIOUSLY apoligise for the non existent posts of
this blog, i am truly ashamed. Ive literally just had a mass overload of post ideas so im actually getting my butt into doing one! ( I find it hard to motivate yourself when you have hardly any followers but hey ho i guess all blogs start somewhere)

So to start with im going to just show you something i have been getting crafty with recently. Inspired by the lovely lovely Sophie of
Dusky Ledoux in her diy flower clip tutorial i seriously got the bug to make lots of lovely bits from faux flowers. I wanted to make something lush for an upcoming festival (more on that laterzzzz!) to wear in my tousled festival mess of a hair. Lets face it festival hair isnt the nicest of dos so a gal needs something to sproos her locks up with!

Enter the Flower headband! I havent actually got a picture of me wearing it yet, only shabby festival ones where you cant appreciate its full glory as i am to busy having a damn good time, but i did take some pictures just after making them. The floppy eared lovely in the pictures is my new bunny i aquired recently, i lover her to bitsssssssssss. Ill perhaps share some pictures of her in a later post so you can ooggle at her gorgeousness

(Please ignore massive pile of ironing!)

(See if you can spy the new rabbit ring i recenlty bought from etsy shop Untamed Menagerie. Im soo in love with it that i darent wear it for fear of it breaking!)

I urge you to read duskys superb tutorial and get your hands on some lovely fake fleurs and start making!

The second part of this post is just to show you some of the bargains i picked up today. After the festival weekend i sensibaly have taken a few days off to recouperate, just as my Mr has, so we took a little trip to the coast just to pass the day really, (totes not recovering i know) plus i wanted to stop by matalan as i hadnt been in a while. I always find with that place there are times where i want to buy everything then other times there is bugger all i want. Today was the latter. Anyway im pleased to say i nabbed a few bargains elsewhere to compensate!

Hawaiian crop £8 and pants£2 both sale at Topshop.

Paris tee £6.40 and socks £1 at New Look, they had 20% off some cute tees. I got the socks to wear with some brogues/future pair of clogs i must purchase when i get paid!

Cropped joggers £7.50 mens section at Matalan, i lied i did actually find something!

The sunglasses arent actually part of todays buys but they were sitting nearby and they were a bargain in their own right so i couldnt resist showing you. Got them from asos last week when it was free next day delivery and i still needed some new sunnies before the festival, so this offer made me extremely happy considering this meant they turned up the day before! I may need to wear some form of body/strappy with the hawaiin top as it does show off rather alot of bra/sideboob. The cropped joggers are purely for lounging around the house/garden in. Im a huge fan of comfort when in my house, i have a habit of getting into my PJs when i come home from work. Plus they reminded me a bit of superdry ones which ive had my eye on for a while but realllly cant justify spending 45 quid on just to lounge around in!

One last note...
Im totally obsessed with this stuff at the moment. I got it on disocount from boots not long ago and literally want to eat myself after showering it smells THAT good.

Tarrah for now xxxx