Monday, 12 April 2010

im almost done with my mega blogoo of what the hell i have been doing, but i just want to vent some frustration of mine. Not a major to do, but i feel like i need some opinions/guidance.
Ok so i want to open up a little shop on etsy/online and also start doing some craft fairs. My trouble is i dont really have a specific theme throughout the things i make, which i think is key to having your own little business, oui? I love everything from houswares, to accessories to hand knitted baby clothes! I just want my things to gel, y'know? I was thinking of having 2 shops on etsy, one for baby things, as its my favourite thing to knit, and one for the rest, what all your opinions?? Help me pllleaseee!I really need to decide what the best direction is for moi....

On another note, to make this post not so boring, i have an obsession with owls at the mo. I Went to sandringham craft fair yesterday, always go with my nanny, and they have a little flying show with birds of prey, which i dont paticularly like so much, except the fact they have owls!. Beautiful lovely birds i think! Anyway im seriously considering buying this lovely laptop decoration thing !

Chow for now
Fringey xxxxx