Tuesday, 9 February 2010


I constantly find myself thinking about loosing weight recently, I have this image in my head of what I’d love to look like, ( NOT some skinny Minnie!)I love having curves but I feel I need some toning. I remember when I last lost some weight and I felt so good about myself, it makes you feel really confident. Anyway, because of my job I don’t really get a lot of exercise, working in an office is a bit restricting unless you want to start up a game of chair races. I used to do an exercise DVD regularly, id actually go as far as to say I was addicted to doing it, almost every day. Somehow I managed to get myself so determined with the weight loss I would not stray for even a piece of chocolate! But now it seems ill start, go a few days, and then I’ve somehow accidently made some lush choc chip cookies. So ive decided perhaps I need to concentrate on the exercise side of things, as I just love food so darned much! I will keep you posted with ho the diet goes in the meantime! How do you exercise or keep fit???

So ive also been thinking about the dreaded day (for some) fast approaching, The big V day! Although the idea at first may seem lovely and romantic, it’s actually far from it. We are led to believe that showering our loved ones with chocolates and flowers, shit cards and such means we care all the more, when in fact we are being dictated to do things which really should come straight from the heart, which is the least romantic thing in itself. My driving instructor gave me the perfect example when we were chatting the other day, he said he would much rather surprise his partner with a bunch of flowers at work on a random day then on a day hes told too, and i think hes absolutely right, surely thats far more romantic?! Yet so many people buy into valentines day, its mad. Me and my man recently booked a little holiday for my birthday to Brighton, and there were all these extra packages you could add onto your hotel room for V day, to make your stay ‘extra special’. You wanna see the prices it was a joke, candles, some rose petals on your bed and some chocs on the pillow, all for a bargain of...dundundunnnnnn.. £150 frikkin quid!(oh i forgot about the romantic dvd also!) WHAT THE HELL. Who is stupid enough to pay that! Go to your local offy and get it for a tenth of the price! Anyway rant over, whats your views on the day of hearts?!

So besides valentines and getting fit i haven’t actually told you anything creative that ive been doing, which i promised i would! I seem to always start a million projects at once, im a bit scatty like that, rather unorganised unfortunately! At the moment im trying to finish a pair of pyjamas i was making my gorgeous godson, i wont show you the completed things until ive actually given them too him of course, but heres a sneak preview....

Ive also had quite a few ideas ive been scribbling to do with tiered necklaces, including feathers and lace and fringe, oh my! Again its a work in progress, all will be revealed soon my sweets!

I'm also hoping to publish a little recipe of mine for the best chocolate chip cookies in the world, but i feel some tutorial pics wouldn’t go a miss, so until the next time i bake them youll just have to sit tight!

The Knitty Gritty

On one last note i feel its my duty to tell you I LOVE TO KNIT. I may not be the most talented clicker in the world but it is my true belief everyone should give it a try. I find it very theoroputic, plus its a good way of doing something productive whilst catching up on your favourite programme ! My boyfriend told me Harry Hill was holding a new competition for a knitted character from his show TV Burp, so im now on the task of deciding what little character i am going to impose upon the world! I have a booklet full of things so that were i shall start! I will keep you posted on my important knitting decision! Heres something to keep you going for the time being anyway...

So whilst wandering around my house photographing random things, i came across a few things that id love to just rave about, i dont know about you but i find it so frustrating when buying some form of beauty product and finding it really isnt what you expected. How annoying! I like to try different things to know im getting the best of whats out there, then stick with what i know is best, i thought it might be nice if i shared with you whats bloody good and whats not!

This is the wonder of The S factor, for those of you who havent tried this little number need to now! I dont know whether its because i have such thick hair or what but this stuff is a godsend. Its called a smoothing lusterizer, and you can apply it to wet or dry hair and style as you wish, it softens my hair wonders, and when i dont use it i really notice the difference. It makes my hair super shiny and lux looking and it feels gorgeous, even the the goo itself feels divine! Annnnnnd it also makes your hair sparkle beleive it or not, when you look at the serum itself it glistens and tranforms to the hair!, Amazzzing! Its just basically an all round great hair product. My hair tends to be a bit dry and frizzy sometimes and its a great tamer! I think you can only buy it in salons and specialist hair product shops, if your a norwicher like me theres a place called Garner just past tesco in the city centre, and they sell it at around £12, Now that may sound expensive, i tend to buy mine online as its far cheaper, and ive been able to nab a 2 fo 1 deal before, shop around! It also lasts an age, as your only need a pea size of serum each time you use it! Anybody have any fav products?!
After a long nothingness of blog, i have now it seems managed to write a whole essay for your reading pleasure!




  1. I totally need to get myself some of that product - your hair is always so beautiful and glossy! I need me some of that.
    The necklaces sound amazing! I need to see pictures!! I have some amazing feather trim that i want to make into a necklace.. but have been sketching and sketching and still havent figured out how!!
    Also.. you do not need to lose weight! I'd love your figure! But exercise wise, i know what you mean - I feel so much better when I'm doing some kind of exercise!

    Come round to mine soon! when are you next free? xx

  2. Dont worry, i am planning a monster blog at the mo, telling all of my holiday and birthday and makey things so far! Just got to start throwing it together!
    Its not that i want to be skinny its just i could do with being a bit more toned, these last few months have been harsh and i seem to be getting bigger and bigger! but its so true about excercise i actually just feel a lot healthier/better in myself when i do it!
    Possibly free next thursday, cant say for sure yet though, ive had a whole week off again this week but its flying by! xxx