Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Shelf life?

I was taking some snaps around the house ( as you do!) and reaslised i really quite like this small area. Containing some stitched photos i made and my favourite photo of my Mum, Grandad and me quite a few christmas's ago. My Grandad passed away new years eve 2008 and i miss him everyday, but whenever i pass this little picture it makes me smile.

So its well and truly Winter. I always say how i love winter, wrapping up warm and all the big jumpers, and of course Crimbo time, yet im really hating how cold it is at the mo. I think i have a love/hate relationship with the snow, as long as it doesnt turn icy (falling over is not a good look!) i could make snowmen all day. But today was rather rubbish as i finally plucked up the courage to drive amongst the winterness, my car made the saddest little sound. Would not start. Fantastic!

I'm really getting inot the whole blogging thing. Im mainly just browsing and reading others, but really want to make a more regular thing of posting. Pesky job.

Also got a Blackberry after months of torture with my uber rubbish touch phone. I think im addicted, Hoping it will calm down in a week or so when ive lost the 'new toy syndrome'.
Also didnt get the job i banged on about a post or so ago. Such is life.
Fringey xxx

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  1. love the pics and i was soooo addicted to my blackberry when i first got it xxxx